U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Condemns India’s Actions in Kashmir, calls for UN resolution that “respects the will of the Kashmiri people”

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke out against India’s unlawful actions in Kashmir and expressed support for the Kashmiri people at the annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference on Saturday, August 31st, making him the first U.S. presidential candidate to do so.

“I am deeply concerned about the situation in Kashmir where the Indian government has revoked Kashmiri autonomy, cracked down on dissent, and instituted a communications blackout.

The crackdown in the name of security is also denying the Kashmiri people access to medical care. Even many respected doctors in India have acknowledged that the Indian government- imposed restrictions on travel are threatening the life saving care that patients need.

India’s action is unacceptable, the communications blockade must be lifted immediately, and the United States government must speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian law and in support of a UN backed peaceful resolution that respects the will of the Kashmiri people,” Sanders said.

Stand With Kashmir commends Senator Sanders’ bold remarks and calls upon all American politicians and people of conscience to speak out against the continued injustices in Kashmir.

Sanders joins a number of US lawmakers, including ​Rep. Ilhan Omar,​ ​Rep. Andy Levin​, ​Rep. Ted Lieu​ and ​Rep Don Beyer​ who have all issued statements over the past week.

More than 7 million people in Kashmir have been under siege for 27 days.

On the evening of August 4, 2019, the Indian government disconnected telephone and internet services, shut down local media, restricted the movement of residents, and arrested and detained at least 3,000 people while militarizing entire neighborhoods.

Stand with Kashmir is a Kashmiri diaspora-led international solidarity movement that seeks to end the Indian occupation and support the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir.


Contact: ​media@standwithkashmir.org

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