Day 365 Action

Day 365 - Ways to Act

August 5, 2020, marks one full year that occupied Kashmir has been under a brutal lockdown. Every day for Kashmiris is a day of occupation. A silent genocide is taking place & its time we break the silence.

1. Social Media Advocacy

Social Media Advocacy for our robust social media tool kit.

2. Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy for a templated email for elected officials.

3. Solidarity Statement

Share our organizational solidarity statement with organizations you are involved with or are aware of. for our statement.

4. Read Up On Kashmir

Read Up On Kashmir for our comprehensive reading material which contains articles, reports, studies, poetry, photography, & more! Educate yourself and your circles!

5. Watch Movies, Videos, or Webinars

Watch Movies, Videos, or Webinars CLICK HERE for a list of movies to watch on Kashmir. CLICK HERE for videos or webinars on Kashmir.

6. Talk About Kashmir

We encourage you to bring up the topic of Kashmir’s occupation in your conversations and reflect on the interaction. Post about what you learned, share your favorite pieces, and don’t forget to tag us!

7. Share, Share, Share...

Share SWK’s work & Kashmiri voices! India has strategically cut off Kashmir from the rest of the world. Break the silence!


We rely on a global team of passionate and skilled volunteers to manage our advocacy efforts. Learn how you can get involved and Stand With Kashmir.