No Arms to India

Stop the Supply of U.S. Weapons to Indian-Occupied Kashmir

The Indian government plans to sign an approximately $100-million contract for 72,000 assault rifles with Sig Sauer, a New Hampshire-based firearms company. This would be their second transaction; India and Sig Sauer signed an identical contract in early 2019, the first shipment of which was immediately sent to Indian units deployed in the occupation of Kashmir. These American-made weapons would almost exclusively equip Kashmir-based units like the Rashtriya (``national``) Rifles which have long, documented records of war crimes and human rights violations and enjoy legal impunity in Kashmir under legal provisions such as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

Sig Sauer is complicit in the Indian government’s ongoing militarization, repression, occupation, and settler-colonization of Kashmir.

Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales to India should be completely halted on the grounds of its settler-colonialism in Kashmir, human rights violations, and war crimes. Help stop the supply of U.S. weapons to Indian-Occupied Kashmir by doing the following:

  1. USE OUR TOOL KIT: Using our tool kit (Click Here) to send an email to Sig Sauer demanding that they refuse this contract and all future contracts with the Indian government.

  2. MAKE A PHONE CALL: Call Alex Pena, Director of Sales MENA & Asia Pacific, at (603)-610-3994 (Ext:3994)

  3. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Share this post with your community through social media, online groups, and more.


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