Stand with Kashmir sent a dossier to the UN Human Rights Council to bring attention to the human rights abuses that continue in Kashmir.

Given the escalation in human rights violations against Kashmiris, SWK requests the HRC to act swiftly and immediately to demand an end the communications blockade, ease travel restrictions and urgently restore access to essential medical supplies. Given credible reports of torture, the letter also asked HRC to demand the release of all individuals who are political prisoners and are detained extrajudicially including children and ordinary Kashmiris.

To ensure that the civil, political and human rights of the people of Kashmir are respected, SWK urged the HRC to mandate that the governments of India and Pakistan conduct free and impartial referendums in the territories of Kashmir they administer. In order to facilitate the process, both countries must commit to demilitarization and to truth and to allowing unrestricted access to human rights observers and journalists to oversee implementation.

The dossier also includes letters from nearly 500 academics in diverse disciplines from across the world requesting that the Indian government determine mechanisms under international law for justice and accountability for Kashmiri victims of crimes committed by Indian forces since 1990 ranging from gendered and sexualized violence, torture, enforced disappearances to unknown and mass graves.

We call on the UN and the international community at-large to urge India to end the blockade, release all detainees, and resolve the Kashmir issue per the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

Stand with Kashmir is a Kashmiri diaspora-led international solidarity movement that seeks to end the Indian occupation and support the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir.



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