Showing up for Kashmir

Kashmiris and allies planned vigils in 60 cities around the world on October 27th to mark 72 years of Kashmiri resistance against Indian occupation.




A diverse range of allies came out to demonstrate their solidarity with Kashmiris, and drew connections between shared struggles.


Here are a selection of vigils from across the globe:

Miguel Alvelo of Chicago Boricua Resistance at the Chicago vigil for Kashmir. Photo credit: Aakif Khan | SWK


Miguel Alvelo of Chicago Boricua Resistance, a Puerto Rican solidarity organization:


“We stand in solidarity here with the people in Kashmir because we believe in the right for self-determination and justice. It is our time’s mandate to act for the end of all forms of imperialism and the imperial capitalist economic system which is driving us to unequally distributed global catastrophe. If we want to have a future, empires must disappear, imperialism must die. War is one of the most pollutant enterprises in the world. All oppressed peoples of the world must be free and will be free because it’s either our future on our terms for our global wellbeing, or its barbarism.

Mayor Ted Terry stands with members of the Rohingya community including Burmese Rohingya Community of Georgia President Ayub Mohammed (far left) at the Kashmir vigil in Atlanta, Georgia.


Ted Terry, Mayor of Clarkston, GA joined the vigil hosted by the Atlanta Kashmiri Community:


I was moved by hearing Kashmiris share their personal experiences in Kashmir and that of their families since August 5th. Hard to believe this is occurring in modern day democratic India. I have served as mayor in Clarkston where we have one of the largest refugee communities in the country, and it always reminds me that we need to fight for human rights and dignity as a first priority for all people.”


Ayub Mohammed, President of the Burmese Rohingya Community of Georgia and resident of Clarkston, who also attended the Atlanta vigil said:


“The Rohingya community understands the suffering of the Kashmiri people. The military in Burma attacked our people. Just like the military is attacking the Kashmiri people. The Indian army suffers no consequences when they shoot innocent Kashmiris, just like the Burmese military faces no consequences when they shoot innocent Rohingya. Innocent Kashmiris sit in jails without committing a crime, same as innocent Rohingya. We hope you do not suffer the same fate as us, being pushed off your land and forced to flee your homeland. We know that is what you fear. I am here today to support you and to tell your families back in Kashmir that we support them and hope the world community can pressure India to respect the human rights of not just the Kashmiri people, but of all Indian citizens.”



In DC, Georgetown Law Professor and author Arjun Sethi encouraged communities of diverse backgrounds to come together in support of Kashmir:


I do believe the world is rising. I do believe that people of all different faiths and communities are stepping up and stepping forward in support of Kashmir. I think we need to continue to do this work amongst one another and in our own communities to make sure that we support this community.”


Across the world SWK organizers and allies captured moments from the vigils everywhere from Oslo, Chicago, to Doha to Delhi to Los Angeles.

Oslo, Norwayd


Times Square, NYC.


Washington D.C.


Shiraz, Iran.


Los Angeles, USA.


Brisbane, Australia.


Toronto, Canada.


Bremen, Germany.


Surrey, Canada


Montreal, Canada.


Chicago, USA. Photo credit: Aakif Khan | SWK

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