Dear NYT, why would you give Modi a platform to talk about Gandhi?

A volunteer with Stand With Kashmir asks if the NYT has lost the plot.



I am astonished that you decided to run the op-ed “Why India and the World Need Gandhi” penned by Narendra Modi.


The sub headline itself is offensive: “The great leader envisioned a world where every citizen has dignity and prosperity” and right under that the name “Narendra Modi.”


The NYT has covered in great depth how Modi stripped Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status on August 5th and instituted a communications blackout. As the NYT has reported, thousands of Kashmiris have been arrested and detained since then, including minors, mostly without charge.


This is not “dignity and prosperity.” This is cruel. Modi’s name shouldn’t be anywhere near the words dignity and prosperity for every citizen.


And as the NYT also covered, Modi was denied a US visa for his role in the Gujarat riots that took place in 2002. He oversaw the massacres which led to the deaths of over 1,000 people. His actions are in complete contradiction to Gandhi’s message.


The greatest irony of all — Gandhi was assassinated by a member of the RSS. Modi is an RSS member.


Do you not read your own newspaper?


Modi ends the op-ed with:


Let us work shoulder to shoulder to make our world prosperous and free from hate, violence and suffering. That is when we will fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream, summed up in his favorite hymn, “Vaishnava Jana To,” which says that a true human is one who feels the pain of others, removes misery and is never arrogant.


I can barely read those words. Modi’s rule has perpetuated nothing but “hate, violence, and suffering” — as witnessed in Assam, in the rise in the lynchings of Muslims, Christians and Dalits with no accountability, and of course in the blockade of Kashmir.


I am simply in shock that you would publish this piece of propaganda.


I expected better from the NYT.


It’s irresponsible and dangerous. As a Kashmiri American, I feel less safe because of this op-ed. And I know millions of others- who have suffered directly from Modi’s actions — do too.

The job of the New York Times is hold those with blood on their hands accountable; not give them a platform.

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